The Sunny Side to Complete and Utter Madness

Jess | 22 | Jupiter, Florida | Taken | Photographer | Realtor Assistant | Welcome to my Emotional Dumping Ground

About Me

I’m Jess, but my birth-name is Jessica.

I’m twenty-two years old, and I reside in south Florida, in a tourist town known as Jupiter.

I’ve finally found someone worthy of spending my life with, who thinks the sun shines out of my ass, which is surprising in and of itself. I haven’t been this happy in my entire life. Nor have I ever met someone who is so completely in sync with me on every level. I love him quite a lot, and am beyond relieved to know that I’ll never have to go it alone again now that he’s by my side.

I have worked several different positions at a local sports bar and grill restaurant in south Florida since I was 16 years old, my very favorite is serving though. I have recently resigned for the summer, and there is no guarantee I’ll be back for next season, but I hope to return.

I work full time at a real estate office in my hometown, and am the happiest I have ever been at a job. After hundreds of sent out resumes, countless pointless interviews, and two other solid attempts at working in full time positions, I think I have finally ended up where I need to be. I work as an office assistant and social media promoter. I have the raddest boss in the history of rad bosses, and my only other two co-workers have taken me under their wings with figurative open arms. I hope to someday master the field and maybe even become a broker.

I love to write, read, draw, take pictures (I’m an amateur photographer), and listen to music. Anything alternative or punk pop is highly acceptable, but my taste has a broad acceptance range.

I was studying to become a radiology technician at the local state college, and three years in discovered what a waste of time that education is. After several unsuccessful attempts to pass my required maths courses, I have reached the definitive conclusion that I am simply not meant to understand college algebra and am subsequently taking a break. I hope to someday go back and complete my degree (only needing the two completed math courses), but for now I am content with advancing where I have ended up.

My dream is to become a photographer for National Geographic, but I’m doubtful that such an opportunity will ever arise.

The past few years have been a struggle for me. I have battled depression since adolescence, and had a considerable amount of trouble understanding how to properly consume alcohol. The latter resulted in a number of ruined relationships and a defamation of character. I am however getting better, mostly through the patience and understanding of my remaining friends, family, and loving boyfriend. I highly advocate the moderated recreational use of marijuana, as well as mushrooms. Both have kept me “sane”.

Get to know me before you pass judgment; what you see, isn’t exactly what you get.